About the International Livestock Identification Association

The ILIA headquartered in Sacramento California with Chad Parker acting as the ILIA Secretary Treasurer.

The ILIA is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The current ILIA President Cody Burlile (Idaho), President Elect Howard Brittain (Texas), Vice President Shawn Davis (New Mexico), Director at Large Ty Thomas (Montana), Alternate Director at Large Christian J "C J" Fell (Nebraska), Past President Garth Woods (Saskatchewan).

About ILIAThe ILIA is proud to have created the "Tom Spencer Charity Fund" which is funded yearly through the ILIA conference and charity auction. This fund is used to provide post-secondary scholarships for young adults across the United States and Western Canada from member organizations of the ILIA. Some of the funding can be used to fund guest speakers to the annual conference, and this is controlled through the Fund Committee of the ILIA.

The New Mexico Livestock Board will be hosting the 76th Annual (2023) conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 2022 Conference was hosted in Fort Worth, Texas.

ILIA is an organization of member states, provinces, New Zealand, and Native American Tribal Nations where livestock brand recording, livestock identification and livestock inspection are recognized by legislation.

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