Bylaws of the International Livestock Identification Association
(Adopted July 29, 1992 - Reno, Nevada)

Article I (Name)

The name of this association will be the International Livestock Identification Association.

Article II (Object & Purpose)

The objects and purposes of this Association are:

  1. The study of problems relating to the administration and enforcement of livestock identification and inspection laws in the members states and provinces.

  2. To promote and develop uniform laws, administration and enforcement procedures relating to livestock identification and inspection and brand recording insofar as such ends are consistent with the needs of the member states or provinces.

  3. To secure close and effective cooperation between the member states, provinces, and agencies in the matter of detection of livestock wrongfully or illegally removed from on jurisdiction to another.

  4. To work toward the removal of conflicts between the states and agencies conducting livestock identification and inspection in public markets under the jurisdiction of the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921, as amended.

  5. To work toward cooperation between states and provinces conducting livestock theft investigation and prevention and to provide a central headquarters for mailing loss bulletins.

Article III (Memberships - Dues - Voting)

There shall be two classes of membership: Official and Honorary Lifetime.

An Official member shall be a state or province where livestock brand recording, livestock ownership inspection or livestock theft prevention practices are recognized by law and whose membership dues are current. EACH STATE/PROVINCE/TRIBE IS NOT LIMITED TO ONE (1) MEMBERSHIP IF MULTIPLE ENTITIES GOVERN DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF BRAND RECORDING, LIVESTOCK OWNERSHIP INSPECTION OR LIVESTOCK THEFT PREVENTION.

An Honorary lifetime membership may be awarded free to any person who has actively participated in this Association. Nominations for Honorary membership must first be submitted to the Executive Committee. Upon approval of the Executive Committee, nominees will be presented to the Association and must receive a majority vote of those present at the annual meeting.

The annual membership dues shall be $100.00. This fee may be amended upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and ratified by two-thirds vote of the members present at any annual meeting.

Each member state or province shall be entitled to one vote on all official acts of the Association, as cast by their designated official representative.

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